Monday May 17, 2004

Monday May 17, 2004 and SimpleScout join the media mix

New services connect public relations executives with journalists, filmmakers, photographers and TV professionals.

Contact: Tracey Hopkin
PR Press Network, owner/operator

The PR Press Network – a provider of free services and tools for the UK’s media industry – has launched ( and SimpleScout (, two unique new services for PR/marketing executives and media professionals.

"The services complement our existing ReachRadio service," said PR Press Network owner/operator Tracey Hopkin. "They are creative marketplaces which broker productive relationships between PR executives and media professionals looking for assistance."

In the case of, PR executives receive requests for editorial contributions from journalists via email. Journalists can also elect to receive regular, media-friendly news leads from PR professionals.

SimpleScout connects filmmakers, photographers and TV professionals with representatives of unique, unusual or just plain useful locations, buildings and premises. PR executives are encouraged to consider whether their clients have properties which may be useful for visual media professionals and if so register with SimpleScout.

The PR Press Network operates a number of additional free media websites, including (, a free jobs board for the UK; (, a free jobs board focusing on the public relations industry; (, a free editorial forward planning tool; AgencyWire (, a free email newsletter for the public relations and marketing industry; and ClickProfiles (, a directory of links to newsworthy UK company profiles.


About the PR Press Network

The PR Press Network is a provider of free media services. Launched in May 2003, its first websites were, and The PR Press Network has more in the pipeline for 2004.

More info about the sites can be found at

While the sites and services have a clear UK focus, international users are encouraged to use the sites and the PR Press Network has plans to offer its services to a more international audience in 2004.

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